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Flood Risk Home Insurance | Insurance for properties in flood risk areas

In the UK there are an estimated 5 million homeowners living in areas that are at a high risk of flooding. If you live in a flood risk area then it is very likely that you already know the affect that living there has on building and contents insurance. You will also know how important it is that you have flood risk home insurance cover.

When calculating premiums or considering if they can cover a property, flood risk home insurance companies will take into account how likely the area that you live in is likely to flood. Insurance companies will look at the geographical area around your property and take into account if you live close to a river, estuary or the coast. Flood Risk Home Insurance UK are one of the few companies that offer insurance for properties in flood areas.

Companies that offer flood risk home insurance will often consult the Environment Agency flood plain information map to determine how likely it is that your area will flood. If you have not already visited the Environment Agency’s website, Flood Risk Home Insurance UK strongly recommend that you do so as it provides useful information for those of you living in a flood risk area.

If you have been a victim of flooding in the past and dealt with damage to your home and possessions you will also know how important it is to have a flood risk home insurance policy in place. It is vital that you have the correct type of flood risk home insurance policy to avoid adding further headaches to an already traumatic process.

The problem is that there are very few insurance companies in the UK that will offer flood risk home insurance, so finding cover for your home and belongings can often be stressful and costly. If your home has been flooded in the past then it will be even harder and sometimes even impossible to find flood risk home insurance.

If you live in an area that is at risk of flooding it is not only important to have flood risk insurance in place for your own benefit. It is often a requirement for mortgage and finance companies that you have specialist flood risk home insurance in place.

Flood Risk Home Insurance UK are one of the few places online to find a suitable insurance policy. We work closely with several specialist insurance companies to find the best premium that exists and cover your flood risk property.

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